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Website launch in the works.

Website launch in the works.

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Future blog topics include:

  • How to start a business as a webdeveloper, webwriter, or copy editor
  • Tips for freelance writers and editors
  • The nuances of editing
  • SEO writing
  • What to tell your clients
  • How to develop a warm line
  • Grammar tips
  • Home-based busimesses
  • Online education
  • Web development
  • HTML and CSS for novices
  • Much more…
business collaboration

Where can you find the support you need when job searching or starting a business?

Nowadays, many editors, web designers, graphic artists, writers, social media writers and marketers find it necessary to start their own freelance businesses.

Networking and collaboration are essential elements of starting a business. Since freelancers don’t work in an office where we can brainstorm with coworkers, it is important to have other professionals who will share their knowledge, offer their support, and collaborate.

There are many ways to look for work and get support – searching Craigslist for telecommute jobs is one way, joining existing groups, is another. There are many groups that have services and networking opportunities  for business owners, such as  Chamber of Commerce and Toastmasters. Most cities have networking groups,  Le Tip and other similar groups of people who meet to exchange business contacts and tips.

Another tremendous networking resource is LinkedIn, which is basically Facebook for business. LinkedIn has discussion groups that cover almost any topic, and you can start your own if you have the inclination. There are ongoing webinars about how to maximize the use of LinkedIn for finding jobs and clients.

Tip of the day: If you feel stuck in your job search or starting your business, reach out and talk to other business people about your vision and goals. Whether in person or online, this step will help you get moving in the right direction.


I found a new website for web developers – it’s a forum that covers web development, traffic, marketing, monetization, hardware & technology and has a water coolor for topics that don’t fit nicely into the other categories. I sent out a note to someone looking for a blogger:

“Please let me know if you are still looking for a blogger – If you wouldn’t mind sending me an example of what you want, I’d like to see if I can do it. I’m new here – I am a copyeditor trying to find my own way in the world.”

 And I also found a fabulous site for copyeditors. I wrote to  ask if they hired copyeditors. “Are you hiring copyeditors? I have years of experience and recent UCSD Copyeditor Certification. I guarantee my work.”

Like everything else, it’s a numbers game. If I send out enough queries, I should be able to get something started…we shall see.

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