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Website launch in the works.

Website launch in the works.

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Future blog topics include:

  • How to start a business as a webdeveloper, webwriter, or copy editor
  • Tips for freelance writers and editors
  • The nuances of editing
  • SEO writing
  • What to tell your clients
  • How to develop a warm line
  • Grammar tips
  • Home-based busimesses
  • Online education
  • Web development
  • HTML and CSS for novices
  • Much more…

Once you start looking for  home based business opportunities, you will be flooded with so much information; weeding out legitimate opportunities from the scams can be a full time job. Except you won’t get paid. Don’t get sucked into fantastic claims about making $40K filling out surveys or mystery shopping. Not that these opportunities don’t exist; just find out more about them when you are not trying to figure out how to pay the mortgage and put gas in your car.

These are some of the questions you will need to ask when choosing a home based business opportunity.

  1. Will you be cold-calling?
  2. Are there start-up costs; do you need to purchase inventory?
  3. Is the product/service reasonably priced?
  4. What are the commissions and bonuses?
  5. Is there a demand for these products/services?
  6. How do you advertise your new business?

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I had an interesting phone call this morning and made an apt to find out more about I don’t know what the business opportunity is yet, but I love the website and we had a great conversation! Sounds like pie in the sky, but who knows.

She had me in tears, I was so moved by what she shared with me. Then I found this article – . They have an ad on craigslist that says no selling, no inventory, no cold calling. So we’ll see.


Always on the lookout for other work that can be done from home – I came across this website. I signed up and will report on the results:

This sounds good: is looking for people like you to test websites. Simply browse websites while we record your interaction with the site and earn money! Usability testing has never been so easy! With our usability testing application you will be able to browse through different websites and applications, complete the provided task, and get paid for it. As simple as that!
Connect your webcam and microphone to your PC, follow the instructions and get ready to go!

To get started, go to and get signed-up.
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