The power of social media marketing cannot be understated.

The power of social media marketing cannot be understated.

Social media marketing is here to stay. It allows us social media marketers to cast a wide net over your target market.

In 2010, Facebook claimed almost 500 million users, exceeding the weekly traffic of Google. Twitter claims more than 100 million users. Some of these users are surely your customers or prospects.

Social media marketing is like a funnel. The top of the funnel is exposure or awareness. And the more people who are brought into the funnel (theoretically), the more will progress through the steps of the qualified lead to prospect to becoming a customer.

Remember—two to four percent of visitors to your blog will become your customers. This is why casting a wide net (social media speaking) is so important—the more traffic we can bring to your funnel, the more customers your business will have.

There is no question that initiating and maintaining a social media marketing campaign requires a significant investment of time, a downside for most business owners. But you can turn this downside to an upside by letting us handle your social media campaign for you!

I will collaborate with you to identify your target market, then cast that wide net. Take a look at these statistics. These numbers represent the percentages of businesses surveyed that said they acquired customers through these channels:









And these aren’t even your only social media opportunities! There are many other channels we can also use: YouTube, MySpace, Google Buzz, Squidoo, podcasts, a variety of photo galleries and forum article submissions, SEO content, and more.

Once more . . . what will these social media activities accomplish? Improved search engine rankings, improved traffic, improved business branding, improved customer purchases, and more.

Another excellent analytical and statistical tool available is Google Analytics, which lets us measure the progress of your social media platform and provide monthly reports. I am a master blogger. My integrated approach to social media marketing will afford you cutting edge access to your target audience, lead generation, and accelerating sales. Your goals are my goals—when you succeed, I succeed.