LinkedIn has great networking opportunities for freelance writers.

LinkedIn has great networking opportunities for freelance writers.

I read this great article today on LinkedIn – about talent and teams. And I got to thinking.

My challenge is finding my way onto the great team – I have a unique, diverse skillset and passion for my work. I was part of a fantastic web development team for 8 years where I got experienced with web development, content management, content writing, editing, social media, project management techniques, and quality assurance. But I was hired by that company because of a personal recommendation. I knew the entire time I worked there that, if I just sent in my resume without the friend on the inside, it would have gone in the trash.

Two years ago, I was downsized. I’ve started my own business because I couldn’t find a job. I’m still looking for that great team, although now, it’s as a freelancer or contract employee. Even as a telecommuter, I need to be part of a team. LinkedIn satisfies this need and I’m so glad I discovered all these elements earlyh on.

I actually found my team there. LinkedIn is where I go when I have questions or need to vent or just want to contribute. The discussions are great, and I  have actually made friends. It’s is a great place to look for jobs, freelance work, clients, and it’s a great information about the same. I get my best ideas from networking, and virtual networking also known as social media is rewarding and satisfying. If you need help with my work, sometimes freelancers have questions they can’t answer based on their own resources. Start a discussion and get your question answered … and usually it’s accompanied by an interesting discussion that brings even more clarity to the subject,

It is the richest business resource I’ve come across. The other networks are important too but, for now, LinkedIn is at the head of the (business school) class.

Website launch in the works.

Website launch in the works.

Thank you everybody who’s signed up for subscriptions!

Future blog topics include:

  • How to start a business as a webdeveloper, webwriter, or copy editor
  • Tips for freelance writers and editors
  • The nuances of editing
  • SEO writing
  • What to tell your clients
  • How to develop a warm line
  • Grammar tips
  • Home-based busimesses
  • Online education
  • Web development
  • HTML and CSS for novices
  • Much more…
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Toast to my new client – Powder Peak Blogging.

I am so excited to welcome a new client – Powder Peak Blogging, LLC from Anchorage, Alaska –  a welcome addition to my blogging and social media service.


Education is a right, not a luxury!

For homeschoolers and anyone looking for supplementary education, lists 200 free education resources geared toward school age kids – video lessons, apps, books, websites and more.

Click  freeonlinecourses for an assortment of free online courses that is nothing short of amazing. If you have time, a computer, and access to the Internet, the choices are unlimited – liberal arts, science, business courses, and much more.

There are free online courses from the world’s leading universities – over 725 free courses in the liberal arts and sciences you can download (audio and video courses) straight to your computer or mp3 player – including certificate-granting courses. There is even a comprehensive list of textbooks you can download for free. Here is a list of the subjects:

Art History | Biology | Business and Management | Chemistry
Computer Science and Information Systems | Earth Science
Economics & Finance | Education | Engineering | History
Languages | Linguistics | Mathematics | Music | Philosophy
Physics | Political Science | Psychology | Sociology

Here is a list of the certificate-bearing courses starting in August and September:

Other fabulous free offers include The Harvard Classics, a 51-volume series originally published in 1909 called Dr. Eliot’s Five Foot Shelf series of books – named for  Harvard’s influential president, Charles W. Eliot, who is famous for this assertion: If you were to spend just 15 minutes a day reading the right books, a quantity that could fit on a five foot shelf, you could give yourself a proper liberal education. 

The full set is available for $399 on eBay for $399. But now, you can access the entire collection from your own computer. ABSOLUTELY FREE!




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Where can you find the support you need when job searching or starting a business?

Nowadays, many editors, web designers, graphic artists, writers, social media writers and marketers find it necessary to start their own freelance businesses.

Networking and collaboration are essential elements of starting a business. Since freelancers don’t work in an office where we can brainstorm with coworkers, it is important to have other professionals who will share their knowledge, offer their support, and collaborate.

There are many ways to look for work and get support – searching Craigslist for telecommute jobs is one way, joining existing groups, is another. There are many groups that have services and networking opportunities  for business owners, such as  Chamber of Commerce and Toastmasters. Most cities have networking groups,  Le Tip and other similar groups of people who meet to exchange business contacts and tips.

Another tremendous networking resource is LinkedIn, which is basically Facebook for business. LinkedIn has discussion groups that cover almost any topic, and you can start your own if you have the inclination. There are ongoing webinars about how to maximize the use of LinkedIn for finding jobs and clients.

Tip of the day: If you feel stuck in your job search or starting your business, reach out and talk to other business people about your vision and goals. Whether in person or online, this step will help you get moving in the right direction.

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