Always stay motivated

Job-seekers must look for ways to stay motivated

Developing a website keeps job-seekers focused on next steps. 

Job-seekers cannot allow themselves to become depressed, even though being depressed over losing your job is practically inevitable. Working on a website keeps job-seekers focused on what they need to do next, instead of the plethora of negative thoughts that can invade your life when you aren’t working. The same is true for people who have jobs they don’t particularly enjoy.

Imagine having a website that displays your finer points, and tells your story in a compelling way. You cannot distinguish yourself on a resume the way you can with a website. Potential employers can instantly see your strengths when they see your website. At the very least, make sure you have an excellent LinkedIn profile. I can help you with this.

Let me help you avoid the pitfalls.

I learned how to navigate unemployment  and once I figured it out, I got hired by a great company. Using my method, I helped my son start a great career, and saved him from unemployment. I have so many friends who are unemployed, and want to help all of them.

My mission. 

My mission is to help people who are talented, experienced, and have services get jobs or start businesses. I have seen with my own eyes what can be done with business cards, a website, and a good flyer.

First steps – to tackle in any order.

  1. Come up with a domain name – something that’s descriptive of your service. NOT
  2. Decide what your services are / write them down
  3. Write down your rates (Ok to make it up)
  4. Get business cards – first 500 are free, just pay for shipping at Vista Prints

You need a marketing strategy.

Whether you have a list of people you can send the link out to, or you will be cold calling potential new employers and clients – a website allows you to clearly represent who you are; it makes you look accomplished and professional.

Equally important reason to have a website.

In addition to using a website to look professional to others, your website will help you stay focused on so many levels. Your own website is a place to brainstorm  your movement and progress. It is difficult to stand out from the crowd with a resume alone – in my next blog, I will write a list of why job seekers and also people with jobs need websites.

Don’t hesitate to write to me if you would like my help. email me

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