everything they need.

Use technology and social media to let future employers, customers and clients know that you have everything they need.

Someone I know recently posted on Facebook her dismay at the very idea that people were now expected to create their personal brand. My friend is retired and had a tremendous career in journalism – a woman pioneer in a man’s field – so I was surprised that she didn’t know how important it is to be able to create your own brand. For whom is this important? Anyone looking for work.

I recently started a new job. After applying for at least a hundred jobs that I was highly qualified for, I was surprised (and thrilled) that this new company hired me. Once I’d gotten through the learning curve and felt comfortable enough, I asked why they hired me. I already knew they had received at least a hundred resumes for my position; I wanted to know what made them pick me out of the crowd.

I asked the person who was training me, “did they hire me because I know Sharepoint” (the portal that the company uses so we can all work from home, which is not intuitive!)

She quickly said “Oh no – it was not just because of Sharepoint, it was the whole package.” And this reinforced my belief that people who are looking for work need to create their own brand, using social media and a website, to let potential employers, clients, and customers know what they bring to the table.

The Whole Package

Here are three ways to let people you want to work for know that you have everything they are looking for.

1. Having a website lets people know that you are tech savvy, that you understand technology, SEO, graphics, and what is important to you. Let people know that you are a creative problem solver

2. Your profile on LinkedIn subs as the greatest resume ever. LinkedIn provides a tremendous platform to show off what you’re good at. Let people know that you are a creative problem solver

3. Lots of people say they are proficient with MS Office Suite but with online resources, you have the opportunity to show what you are good at, from impressive Powerpoint Presentations® to brochures and flyers to production schedules. Show potential employers that you are a creative problem solver! L

Are you doing everything possible to show potential employers what you can do for them? 

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