Are you using all the electronic resources available when you search for work?

Are you using all the electronic resources available when you search for work?

This is the first of a series of somewhat random tips about looking for work.

Looking for work is a reality for so many people nowadays – and a constant activity for freelancers. Nothing cries out for a system and a checklist more than this exhausting and repetitive activity. A written process helps you remember things you wouldn’t think you’d forget to do in a million years, which you are likely to forget when you are exhausted or feel like you are spinning your wheels.

Missing simple steps can mean the difference between getting an interview and getting your resume tossed in the trash. Spellcheck, for example, needs to be on the checklist; I recommend spellchecking at least twice.

Use Spellcheck Advanced Features

It is astonishing how often people forget to spellcheck their cover letters, especially when a mistake is almost always a fatal flaw. You are never facing a deadline so critical you don’t have time to spellcheck one last time. And don’t just spellcheck – use the advanced features to get the most out of the spellchecker.

Consider adding this final step to your Quality Assurance process: reset the spellchecker to “Recheck Document” – ┬ápossibly an excessive step – but one that will likely deliver the results you want: error-free documents.

Error-free documents depend on good systems

Error-free documents depend on good systems

Familiarize yourself with the spellchecker advanced setting. Whether you are preparing a hundred-page manuscript or a one-page resume, you can follow the same quality control steps to ensure error-free documents.

Check back soon for more great information and tips for freelance writers and bloggers.

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