What does it take to be an entrepreneur in this economy?

  1. It helps if you have minimal bills. My intuition says stay out of debt as much as possible. But entrepreneurs with good credit who just need some startup capital can take advantage of low APR and even 0% APR introductory rates; it is essential to have a plan to pay the entire amount before the introductory period ends.
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  2. Lower the bills you have.  Did you know you can cancel an expensive land line telephone service when you sign up with Phone Power, an eco-friendly company that can save you money.   Phone Power has residential and small business service packages that range from ultra-low-cost metered outbound calls, unlimited inbound residential service, all the way up to virtually unlimited outbound calls including a secondary Cloned Line and virtual numbers. All of the residential packages come with Phone Power’s rock-solid feature set, including Click2Call built into their website. The service does not require additional software and works with any operating system with a modern web browser.

  • Find your niche. There are so many opportunities for small businesses now. Entrepreneurs first need to research their unique areas of interest and expertise, then they need to look for  ways to tap into the market.  Now more than ever, entrepreneurs comfortable with business to consumer (B2C) selling have a wide-open market of consumers looking for high quality products and services they can obtain on the World Wide Web.I recently heard about a business opportunity, working for a company called Melaleuca. I sent out a message to my friends who I thought might be interested in it.


Have you ever heard of Melaleuca? It is a 26-year-old online wellness company that provides high quality, environmentally and socially conscious products that in many cases are higher quality and cost less than products we are all already buying at stores like Costco, Target, and Walmart. Among the products are nontoxic concentrated cleaning products the user dilutes in reusable spray bottles, thereby saving massive amounts of plastic waste.

Everything I heard about this company sounds phenomenal and I normally run like the wind from anything that sounds like MLM. The woman told me it’s absolutely not MLM. She likened the company structure to any successful store where the managers get bonuses if the sales team does well. They manufacture and sell their own cleaning products, bath and beauty products, and a line of supplements that is money-back guaranteed – they will refund if the person says they used the product for 90 days and didn’t feel a noticeable difference.

This is not even half of what they offer – there is a membership fee of $29 for the first year, and $12 thereafter. And for that, there are discounts at major stores like Macys, Best Buy, Home Depot, to name a few. Plus, they have a rewards program so people get back their membership fee back and more over the year of shopping at Melaleuca – theoretically. I am going to join and find out if this is actually the case. The company has an A+ BBB rating and other awards for integrity and value. It is truly a customer-oriented company.

I found out my friend’s husband had once been a Melaleuca distributor. I told her “I was bowled over by the woman I met. I know I can be gullible, but this sounds like a win win for all concerned. So I wanted to find out from others what it’s all about. Got any dish?”

My friend said: “It was not win win. Very few end up making a living at it.”

I said: “What if I wasn’t expecting to make a living on Melaleuca? Is it worthwhile being a shopper? Do you get high quality products conveniently delivered to your door that are affordable and unique? And all the discounts? She made it sound so good, especially with gas so expensive, I would love to have home deliveries if the products were good and affordable. If I’m just sucked into pie in the sky, please tell me. Thank you very much. I’m so grateful for firsthand experience.”

She said: “The products are excellent and all natural, nontoxic, and they do come promptly in the mail. Beware there is a minimum order per month. You should try it out, you can always stop.

I said: “Thank you. I will sign up and see what I think. If the idea spreads like wildfire and in a year I’m making $4000 a month commissions and bonuses, that would be great. But I’m not expecting it or counting on it. Again – I’m so glad to get this first hand experience!!!”

My cousin, who is a nurse, wrote, “Melaleuca has always had a good reputation. Re prescriptions, some meds come in generics on a $4 list.” This was a surprise and I look forward to getting more information from her.

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