Social media writer, copyeditor, blogger, internet marketer, and web developer.

I am passionate about writing and words, especially providing clear, concise, SEO web content that is unique and relevant, accurate, and easy to read, free of errors, and grammatically correct. I make sure graphics and charts match the web content, and all of it  matches the client specifications with no contradiction, redundancy, or incorrect information. Consistency is my middle name—I pay very close attention to the finest details.
What’s more, I listen carefully to my clients to give them what they want. Read about the client who wanted a simpler form.
I am experienced with writing and editing websites, brochures, white pages, proposals, eLearning, technical manuals, fiction, nonfiction manuscripts, and ebooks.
Here are some examples of what others say about me:
A quick introduction to Joy—an extremely talented writer and amazingly focused proofreader. She will find the hidden errors in anything!

We’re getting some good play on Twitter lately—nice work on the posts.

I would like to thank you for your work on the manuscript. I found the amended content added greatly to the book.

Thank you for your talent and help. Wow…I’m so much closer today than I thought I would be just a week ago.

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